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Monday, March 19, 2007

As Faarooq says, DAMN!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Night Random 10 iPod songs

So I'm trying something new and seeing if this works. Introducing Project Playlist and my iPod random 10 songs for Friday:

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The John Edwards Campaign

In recent days, I've been watching the right-wing attack John Edwards because he hired two liberal female bloggers to his campaign. Now the fact that they are liberal women is enough for the (never been)right-wing to go crazy and attack them regardless of what they wrote in the past. The right-wing has found various posts that they have made, quoted them out of context, and claim that they are bigots or hate religious people or swear. Well, the right-wing (in particular the ones leading this charge) is full of racist bigots not worth the shit they create each day. (Oh no! Swearing, my virgin ears!)

John Edwards is now "in a bind" which should be easy to fix. The right-wing (who will never ever vote for him anyway) wants him to fire the two bloggers or else he is supporting their viewpoints. If he does, he will show the blogsphere that he won't stand up for his own workers so how can we expect him to stand up for us? If he keeps them on the payroll, the right-wing will try to use them as a hammer to tear down his campaign. Considering the right-wing is only good at character assassination, he may have reason to worry. I think that if he actually stood up for his people and against the digital lynch mob, he will find much more support both in the primaries and in the general election. He could do what Howard Dean did in 2004 and place an on-line fund raiser out every time they attack him or his staff.

...Added 2/8/07
John Edwards' official statement. My first thoughts are that the statement is too weak. He was being attacked by dishonest hate mongers who now believe that they will be able to make him appear weak on any issue. While I'm glad that Amanda and Melissa still have jobs with him, this manufactured "scandal" is so fake. No one with 6 brain cells would ever think that something I write on my personal blog has any bearing on where I work or how I do my job. Same thing here. Amanda's and Melissa's opinions are their own and not John Edwards. Now the haters on the right will just keep using out-of-context quotes against everyone just like they have since 1998.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Last Friday iPod Random 10 of 2006

So let's get to it:

1) Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by C+C Music Factory
2) Bump by Spank Rock
3) The New Pollution by Beck
4) Prayer for the Dying by Seal
5) Newborn Friend by Seal
6) Sullen Girl by Fiona Apple
7) Come Out and Play by the Offspring
8) Interlude by Van Hunt
9) Let Me Ride by Dr. Dre
10) I Do!! by Toya

Interesting mix this time. Add in the two Seal songs right next to each and I got an interesting mix I think.

Friday, December 22, 2006

My favorite viral vids of 2006

Since everyone else has a best of going, I figured I include a few of my favorites:

1) Brokeback to the Future - Love this re-cut of the Back to the Future movies. A long list of good film re-cuts is at Rolling Stone
2) Super Mario Live - A group of talented people pull off the first level of Super Mario Bros. live for a talent show
3) OK Go - Still entertaining
4) Manha Manha - OK, so not exactly 2006 but still a classic
5) Terminator vs Robocop - Insanely impressive editing job here

Finally, The Evolution of Dance is still my favorite


How could I forget Weird Al's White & Nerdy? Just a great video. I love it for cameos of Seth Green and Donnie Osmand. The latter is the definition of white & nerdy.

I was also reminded of George Washington which a fun video although it is not safe for work (NSFW)

Friday Morning iPod Random 10

Accidentally posted before I was read

Since I have today off, I figured I'd post my random 10 early. Here goes:

1) Handa Wanda Part 2 by Unknown
2) Crazy Rap by Afroman
3) Follow Me by Uncle Cracker
4) Handa Wanda Part 1 by Unknown
5) Don't Think of Me by Dido
6) The Dope Show by Marilyn Manson
7) A Toast to Men by Willa Ford
8) Hella Good by No Doubt
9) Area Codes by Ludacris
10) How Bizarre by OMC

And a bonus song of Jump Around by House of Pain

OK, that was very random from Mardi Gras style Jazz to comedy rap songs and to pop songs.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Finally a snow plow.

So today is two days after 14 inches of snow fall. At about 12 noon today is the first snow plow I've seen evidence of on my street. Basically, it took about 36 hours for a snow plow to clear my street. Driving to work tomorrow should be fun.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Day - iPod edition

First my weekly random top ten:

1) Dreaming in Metaphors by Seal
2) Elsewhere by Sarah McLachan
3) Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton
4) SOS (Rescue Me) by Rihanna
5) The Devil Went Down to Georgia by the Charlie Daniels Band
6) Buddy Holly by Weezer
7) Jesus Born on This Day by Mariah Carey
8) Every Morning by Sugar Ray
9) Stadiums and Shrines II by Sunset Rubdown
10) I'm No Angel by Dido

Heavy on my CDs converted to MP3s on this list today. 6 of them I own the CDs to, I'll let you guess which ones those are.

Now for my snow day. Last night through today, we got about 14 inches of snow. Normally, I don't mind; I'll just drive slowly and curse at people who think they can go nearly the speed limit.

Today through with my Prius, I couldn't get out of my driveway. The car's 8 inch clearance wouldn't let me out over the 14 inch drifts. It got stuck at the end of my driveway.

The fun part (for my neighbors at least) was watching me dig out one side and run around the car to dig out the other side. Then I'd climb in and try to go back in but the first side had gotten snowed in again before I could get going.

I tried for about 45 minutes in the heavy snow before I quit and waited for the snow to end. After lunch I went out and dig myself out of the snow bank in about 30 minutes. At some point about 3pm I finally saw a snow plow in my neighborhood. He was "our" snow plow to clear the driveways and walks. So our driveways and walks are clear but the street still has about 14 inches of snow on it. Way too strange.